Where to start

The most common use cases to implement using SAPO broker are :

What usecase you should use really depends on your application needs.

If want to implement a Queuing Messaging Pattern you should use QUEUES to publish your messages, because they guarantee :

  • Message persistence

     Messages are stored and delivered only when consumers are available.
  • At-least-once Delivery

    Every message should be acknowledge to guarantee that the message was processed. If the message is not acknowledge within a 2 minutes time frame then the message will be redelivered to any consumer on that queue. By default the delivery timeout is 2 minutes but if you need to change this time please consider the use of POLL operation instead of SUBSCRIBE.

To have the same guarantees of a QUEUE when consuming from a TOPIC then you should consume from a VIRTUAL QUEUE. When you are consuming as a VIRTUAL QUEUE you are asking to broker agent to copy and store all messages sent to that TOPIC and resend it to you as a QUEUE.

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Use Cases

Queuing Messaging Pattern

Queuing Messaging

Publish-Subscribe Pattern

Publish Subscribe