Open Source at SAPO

Open Source at SAPO

Thinking out of the box. Tools for all kinds of boxes.

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Key Projects

Things we rely on every day

SAPO Broker


SAPO Broker is a distributed messaging framework. Among other features, it provides minimal administration overhead, Publish-Subscribe and Point-to-Point messaging, guaranteed delivery and wildcard subscriptions.

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A complete web framework with superpowers - interactive and responsive cross-browser awesomeness in a few strokes.

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Meo Cloud CLI


A CLI client for our MEO Cloud sync service - adapt it to your needs or port it to new systems with ease.

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Things that you can take part in


our boxes open

Our comprehensive web service catalog allows anyone to easily create rich web applications that leverage the same APIs we use for developing our own services - and the platform that supports it is going commercial.

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Our partnership with leading Portuguese universities, nursing new concepts until they are ready to go out into the world - where academic brilliance meets cutting-edge technology.

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over 800 served

sapo Codebits is our yearly event, where 800 hand-picked participants get to compete in a 3-day programming contest, attend talks, and push the envelope in technology, design, and creativity.

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